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What our community members say . . .

My children enjoy science and have opportunities to explore outdoors.  I am overjoyed when they say, “I have a hypothesis . . .” and then test it.

– Parent of a kindergartener and a 3rd grader

I love CLC because . . . my daughter is learning to speak and write in Spanish, and my son will often tell me how to say certain words in French.

– Parent of two CLC students

Cornerstone has the long view in mind. They aren’t teaching students. They are raising thinkers. They aren’t teaching to a test. They are teaching a life-long love of learning. They know that the answers aren’t as important as the questions. They aren’t cordoning off the imagination. They bring it into the classroom. And they believe that education works best when it’s challenging and rigorous–not busy and time-consuming. The core virtues aren’t talking points. They are put into practice.

– Parent of two graduates and two current students

My children are treated as individuals and their thoughts are respected and celebrated.

– Parent of two students at CLC

Cornerstone has fostered my daughter’s love of learning and sense of community involvement. I simply cannot recommend Cornerstone highly enough.

– Parent of a middle schooler

My oldest child came from a school where he was not doing any writing tasks, to Cornerstone, where within 2 months he’d won a writing competition.

– Parent of two CLC students

Move Over, Rosie, 2nd Grade is on the Go

  This post was written by Jennifer Edgar, CLC’s Lead 2nd Grade Teacher.  Inspired by a Tallahassee Democrat news story, 2nd grade self-initiated a service project to benefit the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab this past month. The lab, which has recently launched a fund-raising campaign to purchase a new “Ozonator,” has been attempting to raise […]

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Transformations — Preschoolers and the Alzheimer’s Project

The following post was written by Jessica Spurlock (preschool Lead Teacher) and Patty Callender (Music Teacher).  Service learning is an integral part of CLC’s philosophy, and it begins with our youngest students in preschool. In 2010, CLC’s music teacher, Patty Callender, pioneered an intergenerational music therapy experience with our preschool students and the seniors at […]

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Kindergarten Day at the Farm (Video)

This video speaks for itself, so we’ll let it. Special thanks to board member and parent, Laura Ciociola, for filming and producing the film. We love it. You can learn more about our partnership and farm program at Longview Farms by clicking here.

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Wired for Success

We think about brains a lot around here. A lot. What’s good for them. What’s bad for them. What do they need more of and what do they need less of. It is the trade of our teachers to meet learners where they are and challenge them from there. Fortunately, neuroscience is experiencing something of […]

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Your Brain on Childhood

I am a big fan of Gabrielle Principe’s book, “Your Brain on Childhood: The Unexpected Side Effects of Classrooms, Ballparks, Family Rooms, and the Minivan.” Not only is her storytelling engaging and creative, it is also peppered with so much research that one almost needs an organizational chart to keep track of it all. While it […]

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