Fine Arts at CLC

The Arts are recognized as a vital part of learning and development at CLC. Children learn to speak the languages of sounds, gestures, and images alongside those of words and numbers. A strong foundation is laid in early childhood and continues through the IB MYP program. The tools necessary for self-expression in the arts are fostered throughout the day through student-led and age-appropriate inquiry, exploration, and engagement in the Arts. All students in grades PK-8th participate in twice weekly music and visual arts classes, with extra curricular opportunities offered in dance and drama throughout the school year.
Our mission is to nurture the whole child, supporting students as they stretch and grow beyond their comfort zone of what is already known into possibilities they have perhaps not considered before. The arts provide opportunities for students to increase their understanding of themselves and of others, thereby developing greater compassion and respect. By looking closely at their own artistic creations and the artistic expressions of other cultures, students can recognize and make broader connections to our common humanity through which diversity can be celebrated. For more specific information on Arts curricula, click on the subject area links below.
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