Auction Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do we need to raise money for the school?

A. Cornerstone is dedicated to making our school accessible to as many students from as many different backgrounds as possible.  The funds raised at the auction last year helped support the 22% of CLC’s students that receive need-based financial assistance – students that would not have been able to attend without the generous support of our sponsors, donors, and attendees.  100% of the proceeds directly support the financial assistance and academic enrichment programs at CLC.

Q. What is the auction like?  What should I expect? 

A. It is a party where you have the opportunity to bid on donated items either silently or during a live auction.  In both the live auction and the silent auction, if you have the highest bid when the auction ends, you win the item.  Heavy Hor d’Oeuvres and wine/beer/soft drinks are included in the price of admission.

Q. How do I get an item donated or a sponsorship sold?

A. There are lots of ways:

  • You (or someone you know) might own a company that would be willing to donate an item or service or become a sponsor. (Click on the link in the left sidebar to download our sponsorship/donation form.
  • You can ask for a donation from someone you give business to.  For example, the next time you get your haircut ask your stylist if he/she would like to donate a haircut or become a sponsor.  If you give them business, they are very likely to give you something in return.

Q. What else could I do to help with the auction?

A. There are lots of ways to help!  It’s never too late to sign up to be a volunteer.  Send your request to and someone from the auction committee will then contact you.

Q. If I’m uncomfortable asking for a donated item should I purchase it?

A. Please don’t.  Donating the money that you would use to purchase the item to the auction via a personal cash donation would be more beneficial to our cause.

Q. What do I do with donated items?

A. When you or someone you know agrees to donate an item, you will fill out a donation form and return it (along with the item) to the office.

Q. I have already gotten several items donated for the auction and I am on a committee, how else can I help?

A. You can help reach out to businesses and individuals for sponsorships.  Sponsorship is a great advertising opportunity for businesses and a wonderful way for individuals to support the school in a big way.

Q. Is the auction just for Cornerstone parents?

A.  No! Grandparents, neighbors, friends, co-workers, book club members, etc., are welcome to come with you.  However, the event is not set up for children, so don’t forget to line up your sitter!

Examples of items from prior years:

FSU Soccer Camp
Wakulla Springs Passes
Movie Tickets
Piano Tuning
Children’s Party Packages
Fun Station Passes
Gift Certificates to Local Restaurants
Car Washes
Photography Packages
Massage Gift Certificates
Haircuts/Spa Services
Vacation Home Get-a-Ways*

*If you would like to donate something like the use of your beach house, you are welcome to put a restriction on that use if needed, for example, not available for holidays.

Q.  If I need more information, whom may I contact?

A. or the CLC Office at (850) 386-5550.