5th Grade Concert Benefits Humane Society

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April 29, 2011
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May 12, 2011

5th Grade Concert Benefits Humane Society

The 5th grade students, under the guidance of Patty Callender, decided to perform music at the Lake Ella Grower’s Market as a fund raiser for the Leon County Humane Society. While the students prepared for this occasion for a couple of months, to the folks at the Grower’s Market, it was as if the students spontaneously appeared, played and disappeared. (It is the opinion of this author, their teacher, that this style of guerrilla concert could be a way to share the joy of music in unexpected ways throughout the region!)

Below are recordings of two of the songs they learned and performed. Enjoy.

1. This traditional Chinese folksong has a funny story behind it. Listen all the way through to hear Ms. Patty share its origins.

Flower Drum Song

2. This song is named, “Canon 44,” but the students have affectionately renamed it the “Ding Dong” song. Listen to their performance of it and see if you can see why.

Canon 44 Ding Dong

The students raised over $500 dollars through generous sponsors as well as from donations from the audience. If you are interested in making a contribution toward their cause you may do so (via CLC’s Business Director, Sandy) through Tuesday. All proceeds benefit the Leon County Humane Society.

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  1. Laura Ciociola says:

    Awesome job, 5th grade and Ms. Patty C!

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