Academic Philosophy

Cornerstone Learning Community is an independent school with a public mission. Our community will be diverse in ethnicity, economic means, beliefs, and experiences. CLC’s academic program builds a community of life-long learners, reflecting individual interests, strengths, and styles of learning. Our goal is to provide experiences that help children understand and treasure differences. An integrated curriculum that engages the mind, body, and spirit will lay the foundation for success and fulfillment.

Our graduates will exemplify the traits of integrity, independence, leadership, and compassion. We believe that all children can be learners and teachers. Children are more active and more engaged when they initiate learning for their own purposes, but their interaction with fellow learners and skilled guidance from teachers create interests and motivation for learning at many levels. Therefore, our curriculum will invite children to follow their interests and to share their knowledge and skill with peers through a balance of cooperative learning and more structured skills and activities.