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Administration List

Director: Jason Flom, B.A. in Education; M.E.D. – University of Florida
Assistant Director: Annmarie Small, B.A. in Education; M.E.D., Curriculum Development – University of West Indies 
Admissions Director: Patty Backes, B.A. in Theatre – Florida State University
Student Services Director: Alena Troutman, B.S. in Art Education, Art Therapy; M.S. in Art Therapy – Florida State University
Office Manager: Bethany Thomas, B.A. in English; Creative Writing – University of Mary Washington
IB Coordinator: Karen Metcalf, B.S. in Marine Science; M.A. in Marine Science – Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Development Coordinator & Asst. Registrar: Carrie Litherland, B.S. in Psychology – Florida State University
Business Director: Suzanne Litherland, B.S. in Accounting – Florida State University; M.B.A. – Western Governors University
Bookkeeper: Akira Hung
Facilities Coordinator: Barry Daniels