The CLC Fund is our foundation of fundraising here at Cornerstone. As such, your tax deductible gift helps initiate and sustain programs throughout our school community and it directly impacts each student’s experience.
You know the importance of an education that inspires and empowers. Everyday you see the impact compassionate, globally minded people have in the world and, perhaps more importantly, in our communities.
You also likely value education as one of the keys to nurturing a lifelong love of learning. After all, Inspired Learners experience joy in their work; Empowered Learners employ critical thinking in solving complex problems; Compassionate Learners care, listen, and serve; Global Learners know themselves and the world beyond themselves. And act accordingly.
Your contribution to our CLC Fund invigorates our mission to inspire and empower compassionate, global learners. From technology to field trips to innovative curricula, your generosity ensures our organization’s focus is right where it needs to be: on the students and their learning. It is the vital work of learning with purpose that our CLC Fund supports.
Additionally, our CLC Fund continues to be critical to ensuring student access to the highest (and most caring) caliber of educator. You help fund professional development so we remain the local leader in social emotional learning (also known as caring for the whole child), environmental education, and project based learning. Plus, you help ensure our International Baccalaureate teachers stay current with practices utilized in the best schools around the world.
As a member of Cornerstone Learning Community (as a parent, teacher, grandparent, graduate, friend, and/or some combination thereof), you continue to shape who we are today and who we will become in the future.