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We have several different kinds of Faculty at Cornerstone Learning Community! From pre-school through 5th grade, our lead teachers work alongside their designated Assistant Teachers. We have faculty for different special areas, support services teachers, floating teachers (who are assigned to different classes depending on the day) as well as our extended care staff!
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Lower School - Pre-K through 3rd Grade

Upper School - 4th Grade through Middle School

Student Services

All School

Floating Teachers & Extended Care

Faculty List:

Pre-K Lead: Rachelle Ogletree, BS Human Development with a Focus on Childhood & Adolescence
Pre-K Assistant: Ka-Nicia Harmon
Pre-K Assistant: Susan Ley
Kindergarten Lead: Tricia Bowden, BA Elementary Education Pre-K – 8th
Kindergarten Assistant: Marjorie Manoben
1st Grade Lead: Aedan Reed, MS Curriculum and Instruction, BS Special Education
1st Grade Assistant: Ashley Nolin
2nd Grade Lead: Shanti Epps BS Family and Child Sciences
2nd Grade Assistant: Lisa Black
3rd Grade Lead: Rachel Webber, MS Brain Research, BS Early Childhood Education
3rd Grade Assistant: Alexandra James
4th  Grade Lead: Amelia Moore BS Elementary Education
4th Grade Assistant: Nadiia Ozerova
5th Grade Lead: Nathan Hagaman, BA Elementary Education
5th Grade Assistant: Julian Hunter
MS Math I, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry Lead: Nadiia Ozerova
MS Math I, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry Assistant: Holly Sorenson, BS Elementary Education, M of Education
Social Studies Lead: Bryan Williams, M Education, PhD
Language Arts Lead: Rebecca Gataullin,  BS Special Education, MFA
Science Lead: Karen Metcalf, MA Marine Science, BS Marine Science
Design Lead & German: Rebekka White, B.A. Philosophy, German Studies
MS Visual Arts Lead: Bek Millhouse, MA Education, BA Fine Arts
Performing Arts Lead: Patty Callender, M.MusicEd, M.Music, B.Music
Physical Education Lead: Tetyana Skrypnyk
Library & Media Lead: Elizabeth Wolcott, MA Library and Information Studies, BA English & History
Library & Media Assistant: Will Ross
Spanish Lead: Ana Arrieta, BS Exceptional Education
Student Services Teacher: George Howard, MPH
Student Services Teacher: Edith Scheib
Summer McTamney – Floating Teacher
Kristen Duncan – Floating Teacher
Brittany Shiver – Floating Teacher
Shay Bryant – Floating Teacher 
Summer McTamney – Floating Teacher
Julia Ferrell – Extended Care
Dean Rooney – Extended Care
Freddie Schrader – Extended Care/Admin/Floating Teacher
Extended Care Email: