First Grade Poetry

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April 14, 2012
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April 23, 2012

First Grade Poetry

Enjoy these verses from first grade poets…

A Dolphin’s Tale by Tyson

A dolphins tale is like a shovel
That gallops across the sea
Pushes through the surface

Untitled by Sean

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
You can’t solve a mystery 
Without a clue
The Earth by Brantley
A giant ball of gas,
Turned into a Land-filled mass!
Now humans live there
I think they’re going everywhere
I hope the future is bright
Good night!
The Map of the United States by John Patrick
Oceans, places, mountains, islands
It is where we live
I hope you like living here!!!
First Grade’s Project by John Patrick
Won at the auction!
It was created by first grade
People are standing and holding hands
Around the Earth
We created it in art!
Little Bee by  Jenna
I am a little bee.
I love going to flowers too.
I get all the nectar too
And I bring it to my house
And I share it with my friends!!!
Roses by Rita
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I have the best teachers
And I love you!!
A Tropical Violet by Rita
a tropical violet is a 
splash in the face
Feels so good 
that you can relax
The Dogs by  Kemindu
The dogs are pets
They like to fetch
Dogs are cute pets 
They like to eat
Untitled by Rebecca
The water is blue
The grass is green
All things are colored are colored 
with everything
Something is
New every day
With you.
Boa Constrictor by  Jake
I got a snake at the store
It cost ten dollars
And it was a boa constrictor
And it ate me!
Flowers by Grace
Flowers bloom
A rose came
A violet came
A tulip came
So bring the watering can
And we’ll water them
So come on, let’s go!
Master Animal by Emily
I save animals
Animals save me
We are a happy family!
Unicorns by Tyson White
Unicorns, ninjago, Toy Story 2
Pokemon, Ash and Sendu too
All the good things in life to do
Unicorns, ninjago, Toy Story 2
Flowers by Teresa
Flowers are very pretty
They grow out of seeds
Like the big trees
Flowers have pollen in them
Bees collect the pollen 
in their baskets.
They love it like the butterflies.
Butterfly by Teresa
Flutter in the sky
Such pretty colors
Lie there on your wings.
The Unexpected Rain by Teresa
The rain 
fell from no where
We got soaked!
The Leaf by Isabella
A leafless tree you see in the winter
Now has tiny buds that
Grow and grow and grow
Like growing kids
The leaves grow as big as an apple.
The Bread by Marcus
Bread is made
From wheat
Bread you
Can eat!
From Me To You by Isabella
I spread love from me to you
You spread love from you to me
I spread happiness from me to you
You spread happiness from you to me
I spread faith from me to you
You spread faith from you to me
I spread kindness from me to you
You spread kindness from you to me.
The End
The Rock  by the First Grade Class
The rock is grey and white
It doesn’t move or make a sound
It’s strong, shiny and bright
It sits around
When you touch it, it feels hard
The sun shines on it to make it sparkle
It gets shaped by time
You can find them in nature.
The Giant Pine Cone by the First Grade Class
Giant pine cone poke
Smooth under the blades, pokey on the bottom
Dusty flowers bloom underneath.
Light to dark brown, still
Spikey little Christmas tree.
A hanger with a hole in the middle
Stairs, bigger than others can spin
It stands though some are broken
Part of nature.

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  1. RebekkaWhite says:

    This beautiful collection of poems is a more valid measure of success to me, than any standard test could ever be. 
    Thank you teachers for everything you do to strengthen our children’s ability to recognize beauty in the world and in themselves. 

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