Cornerstone Learning Community is an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School with a fully implemented Middle Years Programme. IB World Schools share a common philosophy—a commitment to improve the teaching and learning of a diverse and inclusive community of students by delivering challenging, high quality programmes of international education that share a powerful vision.
The Middle Years Programme is utilized internationally as a framework that puts the student first. While the IB framework employs a rigorous approach to curricular design and competency based assessment, it provides extensive latitude for content and differentiation, allowing for personalization, individualization and place specific community building. What does this mean for Cornerstone? We are implementing a globally tested — and proven —  approach that balances international mindedness with personalized connections. The “Think globally, Act locally” phrase could not be more apt.
Below is a graphic that illustrates the Middle Years Programme’s design. Notice: the student at the very center and the equal weight given to the subject areas. These intentional design elements ensure a focus on the whole child in terms of physical, intellectual, and social well-being. For further information about the IB and its programmes, visit
To visit IB’s page for parents, click here.
*Only schools authorized by the International Baccalaureate can offer any of its four academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), the Diploma Programme or the IB Career-related Certificate (IBCC). Candidate status gives no guarantee that authorization will be granted.

CLC’s Middle Years Programme Policies

The following policies are in place in order to ensure consistency and equitability within CLC’s Middle Years Programme.
  1. Language Policy
  2. Access and Inclusion
  3. Academic Integrity Policy
  4. Assessment Policy
  5. Homework Policy
  6. Admissions Policy
  7. Conflict Resolution Policy 

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