Links to 5th Grade Work on Class Blog

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February 17, 2011
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February 17, 2011

Links to 5th Grade Work on Class Blog

Over the course of the year, the 5th grade has been publishing some work on their class blog.  I thought it might be worth providing a few links for the curious to check out what they’ve been up to.

Here are posts related to WWII presentations they created after reading Number the Stars. Click on the subject of your interest and your should be able to learn a bit through an embedded slide presentation.

Here are posts showing instructional videos they embedded (but did not create themselves) to teach each other about the six simple machines.

Here are posts that show research each conducted about an organism from the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean as part of our unit on ecosystem dynamics.

Here are posts in which they summarize Freak the Mighty, and share some of their favorite examples of “voice” from that novel.

These are some of my favorite: Here are some posts related to mapping and cartography. Students found maps that fell into a certain category and created posts to explain why they categorized the map the way they did.

Not interested in checking out specific categories and just want to explore the site? You can access the homepage at www.CLC5thGrade.org

Enjoy! Please let us know if you have any ideas for future posts.

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