When we started Cornerstone Soccer program, the goal was simple: teach our kids the game of soccer and have some fun. Everyone in 5th through 8th grade was invited. It was something new and different and most of the middle schoolers played. We set up a 10 game schedule. We lost every game, but eventually, we did score a goal. And we had a blast!
The point of Cornerstone soccer is not necessarily to win games. The point is to participate and have fun with school community members around the game of soccer. What the team became, very quickly, was an outreach into the larger Tallahassee community that educated people about what Cornerstone stood for, and what it stands for today: teamwork, good sportsmanship, discipline and hard work.

Cross Country

We take the same approach in our Cross Country Team. Athletics gives Cornerstone students an opportunity to apply the core virtues in another arena. 
Just as we use multi-age learning in our classrooms, we see on our athletic fields that some players have talent and experience and can help their schoolmates learn the game and improve their skills.
Cornerstone athletics are NOT specific training programs. We stress the fundamentals of the game we participate in. We will teach the rules and concepts. But more importantly, we enjoy playing, wearing our bright green jerseys, cheering the players on both teams and enjoying each others company.


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