Parent Testimonials

“At Cornerstone, my children are learning to learn, and I have had the daily privilege of watching my children become thoughtful learners, inquisitive about the world around them, learners who aren’t afraid to ask big questions and who aren’t afraid to set out to find big answers.”

–Julianna Baggott, novelist and mother of four

“As a parent of two at Cornerstone, I want my children to know what it means to be a part of a community, to be part of something larger than themselves. I want my daughters to be aware of their academic and social responsibilities, and to find joy and a sense of satisfaction from fufilling those responsibilities.”

–Dr. Briley Proctor, mother of two

“We have a son who loves going to school; he has teachers who are caring and understand him; he talks constantly about what he’s learned at school; he understands that some things take practice and time to learn; he appreciates that everyone has distinct personalities and backgrounds and that this diversity is life; he has friends, and parents of friends, who form a community in their own right; and he has a broader community who show in so many different ways that they care about him. We’d love to take credit for this wonderful person. But the truth is that so much of what he is comes from the place he calls Cornerstone. And that’s why we stay.”

— Emily Leventhal and Dr. Daniel Mears