The Cornerstone Experience

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February 17, 2011
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February 28, 2011

The Cornerstone Experience

By Jeff Richardson, CLC Parent

Before Cornerstone I had my very bright and talented daughter in another private school in Tallahassee, but their factory-model teaching methods were boring her to tears. As she said: “We just sit there, and they tell us boring things.” She hated going to school, and was performing below her ability.

When I tried to discuss this with the school, they were absolutely inflexible about their teaching methods, blamed it all on my daughter, and recommended prescription drugs. At the same time, my mother, a retired elementary school teacher and administrator, was begging me to try a school with another teaching model. I asked her to inquire among the educational community and give me some recommendations. One of the schools that was highly recommended was Cornerstone Learning Community.

I looked at several schools, and Cornerstone had the best teaching model and facilities among them. The campus was more than adequate in size, clean and well kept, and the computer lab was on par with my daughter’s previous school. But, more than that, they embrace a cooperative, collaborative, participatory, and individually-based teaching method that is as advanced as it is effective.

My experience with the CLC faculty is that they are very attentive to parents and bend over backwards to be informative and accommodating. The class size is small, and provides individual attention and accommodation for students. In addition, they employ a computer-based system of parental information so that I can check on my daughter’s homework and grades, and address problems in a timely manner. Further, the small school size creates a real sense of community with much less of the clique-forming at larger schools.

My daughter’s attitude really turned around when she started attending Cornerstone. She really likes going to school now, and is doing well. Since some of my daughters’ cousins still go to the school referenced above, I know that the education she has received is entirely equal to the other school’s, and she was recently accepted into a prestigious private high school.

In addition to knowledge, Cornerstone has fostered my daughter’s love of learning and sense of community involvement. I simply cannot recommend Cornerstone highly enough.

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